Vancouver Pre-sale Condo at Kits West in Kitsilano


Kits West is a residential development to be constructed in the neighborhood of Kitsilano found within the western sections of the city of Vancouver. 16th Avenue, the Burrard Street, English Bay and Almer Street are some of the streets creating a border with this neighborhood. Surrounding neighborhoods include False Creek, Shaughnessy, Arbutus Ridge and West End.

Price Points

The cheapest homes in this development cost $299,900 while the more expensive ones $578,900. Bachelor units will cost the least while a home with two bedrooms and a den will come with the highest price tag. This is to say that the various condo types will cost differently depending on their sizes. A junior condo with two baths and two bedrooms costs $480,900 while one with two bedrooms costs $539,900. A home with one bedroom and another with a single bedroom as well as a den cost $359,900 and $399,900 respectively.

NO. OF BEDROOM SIZE (in square feet) PRICE
BACHELOR 1 432-545 $299,900
1 532-612 $359,900
1 + DEN 587-608 $399,900
JUNIOR + 2 BR + 2BATHS 663-700 $480,900
2 717-724 $539,900
2 + DEN 811-836 $578,900

Condo Types and Sizes

KitsWest1Kits West development features bachelor 1 with a size range of 432 to 545 square feet, one bedroom homes from 532 to 612 square feet, one bedroom with a den from 587 to 608 square feet, junior with two bedrooms and two bathrooms from 663 to 700 square feet, two bedroom from 717 to 724 square feet and condos with two bedrooms inclusive of a den from 811 to 836 square feet.


Smart kitchens, interiors that are stylish and glamorous, blissful and beautiful bathrooms and modern architecture with a bold touch are featured in this development. Exterior spaces feature linear facades, designs that are innovative for a modern touch as well as strong, highly sustainable and water resistant cement panels of optimum qualities. The materials of high quality and aesthetic value used to furnish these homes to give them a beautiful finish.


KitsWest2The design of the Kits West building was done by the GBL Architects that is well known. They have a good reputation within the city of Vancouver as a result of developing several beautiful homes not just within this city but also other great cities across Canada.


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