Vancouver’s Shaughnessy Neighborhood

Geographical Location

Oak Street borders Shaughnessy to the east, 16th Avenue lies to the north, 41st Avenue makes up the southern boundary and on the western edge is the stretch of the 37th Avenue to the Cypress Street all the way to Laburnum on the other end of the 37th Avenue. Although this residential neighborhood is located within the heart of the city of Vancouver, it is one of the many westside neighborhoods.

Historical Information

The earliest and best architects (Montreal’s Frederick Todd and the Danish L.E Davick) of Shaughnessy designed several of the heritage homes in two major architectural styles: early American and British styles. These homes that were built before the 40s are preserved in the neighborhood to maintain the area’s rich heritage and history. In addition to homes, the curved streets of this neighborhood were also developed by the two at the beginning of the 1900s. The many extravagant mansions and sprawling lots in the neighborhood is a clear indication that this is a residential neighborhood for the rich. By 1914, approximately two hundred and forty homes were already built in the neighborhood. Modern commercial and residential buildings in Shaughnessy are designed and constructed in styles that match those of the heritage homes for a uniform look.

Education in Shaughnessy

There are various schools within the residential neighborhood of Shaughnessy; both secondary and elementary. Carr, Quilchena and Shaughnessy elementary schools offer the most basic education to the young children of this neighborhood below the age of thirteen years. Prince of Wales, Eric Hamber and Point Grey secondary schools are also within reach for the residents. Irrespective of a family’s physical location in the area, there are various private schools they can opt for such as the Little Flower Academy, Vancouver Talmud Torah, York House School, St. George’s and the Crofton House among others. The Vancouver College is one of the many institutions that provide higher education to the residents who are through with their secondary education.

Population Demographics

The population of Shaughnessy is 8,900 with an average income per household on an annual basis being $136,252. The majority of the residents comprising 37% of the entire population are their twenties and thirties. English and Chinese are the most spoken languages at 61% and 22% respectively.