Picking the Perfect House Style Among Homes for Sale in Vancouver

Location is a key to determining the price of a house on the market. But there are many other factors that affect the prices of homes for sale in Vancouver, BC such as the house’s age, lot area, number of rooms and baths, and improvements.

Another major factor that could determine the price as well as attract buyers’ interest in the property, is the style of the house.

Different House Styles

You should consider including the style of the house as one of your preferences when trying to find real estate in Vancouver that interest you. If you’re selling your property, it’s also important to know what style or combination of styles your house has in order to price it fairly. Take a look at some of the architectural styles before you decide on purchasing one or selling off your home.

American Colonial Styles

  • Cape Cod – Houses of this style have a steep roof and small roof overhang. It’s usually 1 to 1 ½ stories, has a large central chimney, and has a symmetrical appearance because the door is normally built in the center of the structure.
  • Spanish Colonial – The most visible detail of a Spanish colonial house is its flat roof (which sometimes has a low pitch) and thick walls made with adobe brick, rocks or coquina, coated with stucco. The windows are usually small and have wrought iron or wooden bars and interior shutters.
  • Georgian – This house style shows off a symmetrical facade with the door built at the center, flattened columns on each side of the door, and paired chimneys on a medium pitched roof.

Victorian House Styles

  • Italianate – A popular Victorian style, the Italianate or Tuscan style house has two or three stories, a low-pitched roof with decorative brackets under overhanging eaves, and tall, narrow windows arched on the upper part.
  • Gothic Revival – A romantic adaptation of medieval architecture, this style has steeply pitched roof, pointed-arch windows with or without stained glass, a Gothic window above entry, and one-story porch.
  • Queen Anne – Also called “Painted Ladies”, Queen Anne homes are asymmetrical in shape, have steep roof, have towers that are either round or square, have bay windows, ornamental brackets and spindles, and have patterned masonry.

These are just some of the prevailing architectural styles of homes for sale in Vancouver, BC. Other popular styles include Colonial revival, Neoclassical, Tudor revival, Ranch, Raised Ranch, A-Frame, French Country, Tuscan, Mediterranean, English Country, Farmhouse, Gable Ell, and Log Cabin among many others.

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