Downtown Vancouver Westside Neighborhood

Geographical Location

The Downtown Vancouver Westside is bordered by the Burrard street, Andy Livingstone Park, Smithe Street, Pacific Boulevard, Carrol and Richard Streets as well as the Harbor of Vancouver. This neighborhood is on the western side of Vancouver city within the downtown area.

Historical Information

Downtown Vancouver Westside is home to several historical buildings such as Canada’s Vancouver library for public use which is ranked 3rd in the country. It has a unique design known as the ‘Roman Coliseum’ that makes it Vancouver downtown area’s landmark. Along the 100 West Pender lies a Beaux Art Sun tower that has a steel dome which is given a faux patina finish in order to resemble cladding done using copper. It features 17 storeys and its cornice is supported by nine muses that are nude (also known as the nine maidens). This building is also a landmark in the city’s downtown area as it can be spotted from anywhere in Vancouver downtown.

Education in Downtown Vancouver Westside Neighborhood

This section of Vancouver features various schools that are affordable just like the eastern side of the downtown area. When potential residents look for a neighborhood to relocate to, there are various factors that are considered with access to educational facilities or institutions being among them. There are both private and public schools that can be accessed from the western side of the downtown area in Vancouver. Whether an individual is looking for elementary, post-elementary or even post-secondary education, there is a suitable school to opt for. Some of the schools include Lord Roberts Annex, Westside Preparatory school, Lord Roberts Elementary school, Drake Street’s Elsie Roy Elementary school, Pattison High School which is a private institution and the King George secondary school. For post-secondary education, there are various tertiary schools within the downtown area such as those of BC University, BC Technology Institute as well as the SFU campus.

Population Demographics

Rental and strata titled town houses that are beautiful, elegant, high-class, new and upscale dominate this neighborhood. With a diverse ethnic population who have a great sense of fashion and desire for an urban trendy lifestyle, Downtown Vancouver Westside is the heart of both entertainment and transportation that have played a great role in its development. Middle and upper class residents of this neighborhood are very mobile and young. The major employers of this neighborhood’s residents are the service, business, sales and financial industries.