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Are you looking for condos for sale in Vancouver, BC? Vancouver Canada Homes is one of the leading providers of real estate services in Canada for both buyers and sellers. With a massive search capability and access to Vancouver’s top Realtors, we can offer you the best and most recent property listings for condominiums in Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby.

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What Does a Condo Offer?

First of all, understand that “Condominium” is a legal term for a type of ownership, and not an exact style of property. Most condos are basically apartments that you own rather than rent, but are not always structured like apartments.

Condos come in a variety of styles. They can be low-rise, high-rise, have amenities or not, such as security guards, gyms and playgrounds for kids. As an owner, you will share common facilities such as hallways, HVAC systems, elevators, and outdoor areas and amenities with the other condominium resident owners.

A condo is an affordable option for people who want to own a luxurious home, but without the worry of repairs, maintenance and chores like clearing snow, and mowing the lawn. With real estate prices growing steadily, many people are looking to condos for the affordability and convenience.

Condominium Considerations

  • Purchasing a condo requires stricter qualifications then renting an apartment. Get pre-qualified for a mortgage to determine how much you can afford. Make sure you take into account closing cost, money to move, and other fees.
  • When you have you eye on a condo that you like, see if there are monthly maintenance fees, and what exactly do the fees include or not.
  • Visit the community several times to see if it is suitable for you and your family. Speak to people living there and get feedback on their experience.
  • Buy the largest condo you can afford and make sure that a storage locker is included. Also see how many parking spaces are reserved for your unit, and how close to the entrance they are.

With the large amount of condos for sale in Vancouver, BC, you will have plenty of options and choices to make. Take your time and let the experts at Vancouver Canada Homes guide you in your search. We are with you all the way! Contact us today at 604.783.5593.