Buyer Testimonials

“As a first-time home buyer, Elaine took the time to explain the ins and outs of buying a home to me and answered any questions I had along the way. She is highly knowledgeable and was patient and supportive during my search for the right property. I had a very positive experience with Elaine as my realtor and would highly recommend her to anyone.”
~Ian Hayes

“We had the pleasure of working with Elaine twice in one year! First with selling our townhouse and then recently with the purchase of our beautiful family home. Elaine’s patience, passion and intuition led us to our dream house in the area that we had not considered but are thrilled to have found. With two stubborn and opinionated clients, Elaine had the keen ability to not only hear what we said but what we weren’t saying and helped find us a home that not only meets our needs today but the needs of the growing family we hope to have in the coming years. Thank you, Elaine for your hard work and dedication.”
~Assal and Ben Fash

“Elaine is extremely professional, organized and puts her clients first. She was always available when we were and was able to show us all the properties we requested. She knew the questions to ask other agents even before we could think of them. Elaine helped us find exactly the house in the area we wanted, without going beyond our budget. She always had our best interest in mind and took our requests seriously, allowing us to find a place in a short amount of time. With both us being very busy, I am grateful for all of Elaine’s help and hard work, taking care of every detail to ensure we had everything we needed to make a successful offer.”
~Nadia Bulbulia and Michael Morse

“As first time home buyers, my girlfriend and I had more than our fair share of questions and concerns about finding an agent that we thought could answer all our questions and really make us feel comfortable in something so foreign and new to us. We found exactly that in Elaine. Every question we had was answered in simple terms that we could understand, and all of our fears were put to bed. We were able to move forward confidently and find a place that we could call our own. After only a week, Elaine was able to help us find a place, make an offer, and secure our new home. Even after the sale was closed, Elaine was always available to help us with bumps in the road that came up. If we were so sell or purchase another property, Elaine would be the first and only call we would need to make. Thanks Elaine!!”
~Dylan Howatt and Holly Van Rossum

“Buying a house is never a simple process and there are often challenges that make it a loathsome experience. From what I hear good estate agents are a rare find. My family and I have been very fortunate to have Elaine Kay handle our real estate needs. A genuinely thorough, caring and fierce agent who was able to get us our dream home in one week! As buyers we had divided needs that were difficult to bridge, a school district with million dollar homes, but our budget was very modest, and various nuances that made us every agent’s nightmare. Elaine gave us unlimited time, honed our needs, found gems that fit all the criteria and when it was time to close a deal, gave us the guidance to win. Before even starting the process Elaine clarified all that we needed to prepare and consider when deciding to buy a house. She was also able to refer several mortgage brokers and broke down all the costs so we made an educated decision. She did not waste our time with meaningless viewings, because she spent the time understanding our needs and only showed us things we needed and liked. Once we decided on our home and found ourselves in a bidding battle, she explained our options and allowed us the space to consider for ourselves what would be the best way to go. She was tireless in helping us, and accommodating to our different time schedules, but most of all she was able to absorb all the stress of buying a house and help us enjoy the process. After the deal was signed Elaine did not disappear but rather gave us a list of places to go to get our furniture, a lawyer, a surveyor and was always there to answer any questions. I wholeheartedly recommend Elaine and know for sure that we will always look to her for advice. You will not find a more genuinely caring, organized and totally experienced agent. With gratitude,”
~Mona Mustafa and Ahmad Ibrahim

“My family and I were relocating from Israel and needed someone who knew the city. I was referred to Elaine by a friend of mine, who used her as her Realtor. Several months before I landed, Elaine was diligent in sending us properties of interest and answering all our questions about areas, schools and the general real estate market and logistics of securing a house. After listening to our needs, she arranged a number of showings for me to view within the one week I was here to find something. She was able to negotiate a good deal, keeping our interests in mind and now we are here in Canada in a beautiful home that serves all of our needs. From beginning to end, even after closing, Elaine has been there assisting every step of the way. This has made a huge difference, especially when moving to a new country. We are delighted with Elaine’s service and have since referred her to our friends and will continue to do so.”
~Eran Barel

“Elaine Kay represented me while I was searching for a condo last summer and she was hard working, accommodating, and most importantly forthright/honest (particularly important since Realtors maximize earnings via throughput instead of by obtaining the best price for their client). She also sold my friend’s condo (a comparable unit about a kilometer away), which is how we were initially put in touch as I’d heard nothing but good things about her. If you’re looking for a Realtor I would encourage you to consider her.”
~Brock Howes

“I had an excellent experience working with Elaine Kay as my agent. I was very impressed by Elaine’s professionalism and constant communication at all times. My property search began while I was still living abroad, and Elaine was very consistent with providing excellent service from the very beginning of the search process. She had a great sense of understanding as to what I was looking for. I felt instantly relieved seeing how competent she is. She is a very reliable, patient and pleasant person to work with!! I definitely look forward to working with her again in the future!!”
~Suha Farsoun

“I had the opportunity to work with Elaine when I decided to move to a new place, very professional, knowledgeable and organized. She helped me to find a wonderful unit in a good location. Exactly what was in my mind, but without her help I couldn’t find it myself. I was very busy and couldn’t spend time looking for a good place, but with asking some questions she understand my priorities and in a short amount of time found me this place. She pays attention to her clients’ needs also their schedule and offers a very good service. I will definitely recommend her to my friends.”
~Elmira Zarrabi

“I want to thank you for your assistance with finding me the condo. I really think you were professional all the way and listened to what I need so we didn’t waste time. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family.”
~Michelle Shenkar

“Elaine worked hard for us, and I mean hard. At the beginning, we were skeptical of using an agent at all, but Elaine won us over because she was persistent, hardworking and incredibly kind and professional. She took the time to understand our complex needs and was patient with us until we found the right house. She was always punctual, she was very knowledgeable and she made the overall experience of house buying very enjoyable. We are very grateful to Elaine and we would highly recommend her to our family and friends and anyone else that will be buying or selling a home in the future. “
~Melody Gilanpour and Farzam Dadres

“Last year when I was looking for a Realtor, I was asked by every Realtor at the end of our initial meeting, “What are you looking for in a Realtor?” I always answered with: I don’t know because I’ve never had one before. If someone were to ask me that question today, I would tell them that I would want Elaine Kay. Elaine was professional, knowledgeable and courteous every step of the way. I am happy to have worked with her and to have found my home in the area that I wanted. Good luck with your search!”
~Daniel Correia

“My sister recommended I speak with Elaine when I was considering whether to rent or purchase a home. I had very specific requirements which included a good school and proximity to our family. This was a real challenge given our narrow search area. Elaine was amazing in every way. She took time discussing the available options and providing comparable properties. Elaine was a good listener and helped guide me throughout. When I was ready to put in an offer I trusted Elaine’s advice and appreciated her thoroughness and eye for detail with all the paperwork. Thanks to Elaine’s hard work, all went smoothly and it did not feel stressful. Since then, I recommended Elaine to several friends with a variety of needs. I feel confident to strongly recommend Elaine to anyone looking for a property. Her professionalism and conscientiousness in handling each stage of the process goes above and beyond what is required. I couldn’t imagine using anyone other than Elaine for my real estate needs as the qualities she possesses are rare to find.”
~Sohair Zaki Mustafa

“Elaine worked diligently, to snag my current condo for me. Expedient and professional all the way. Highly recommended!”
~Nicholas Bahizi

“I had the opportunity to work with Elaine when I put my place up for sale. Being a first time home buyer, I wasn’t familiar with the selling process. Elaine really helped me figure out important factors that are involved in selling and more importantly, getting it sold! It was comforting to have someone who was knowledgeable, professional and personable when going through this stressful process. I’m extremely satisfied with the work she’s done and will recommend her to anyone!”
~Stanley Yung

“It is with great pleasure that my husband and I write this letter of recommendation for our Realtor, Elaine Kay. We met with Elaine for the sale of our home and we were truly impressed by her professionalism and knowledge. From beginning to end, we experienced top-notch service. As we have never been through the process of selling a home before, she really listened to our needs and took the time to answer any questions we had. Selling a home can be a very stressful time, but her friendliness and expertise made us feel at ease. She kept in constant contact with us, keeping us up-to-date on showing feedback and made suggestions when needed. When it came down to negotiating the offer, she had our best interests in mind and was able to get us the best deal possible. Even after the sale, she remained in contact and made sure we had everything in order for closing. We highly recommend her to everyone we know who wants to move. You are definitely in great hands if you work with Elaine!”
~Joycelyn and James Tone

“Selling our first home was not a decision we took lightly and we had a lot of questions when it came to making the decision to list or not. Elaine didn’t hesitate in dedicating significant time and attention to arm us with most relevant information to help us make the best decision possible. We felt supported during the entire listing process, from staging to open house to fielding multiple offers. Elaine’s passion for real estate, personal touch and true dedication to helping us make the right decision (and not just closing the sale) made this a seamless and enjoyable process. We were thrilled when our house sold for significantly above our asking price. We will be enlisting Elaine’s services when we are ready to make our next purchase and look forward to working with her again. Elaine is a trusted resource who we highly recommend.”
~Assal and Ben Fash

“After having lived in our house for 26 years, the thought of selling it was very stressful. We are very pleased to have engaged Elaine Kay as our real estate agent as she walked us through the whole process patiently. She was very attentive and gave us tips and advice of how to effectively sell our house. It was truly an excellent experience working with Elaine. She is very knowledgeable, highly professional and organized. When it came to negotiating offers, she had our best interests in mind and helped us seal our sale significantly over asking price!! We would be pleased to recommend Elaine to anyone looking for a good and reliable realtor.”
~Ray and Anita Leung

“Elaine did an exceptional job selling my condo quickly and for a great price. This was the first time I’ve sold a property and she walked me through every step with an extraordinary amount of patience and understanding, making the entire process as streamlined and effortless as possible. Thank you Elaine!”
~Dana Chaput

“We met Elaine after she sold our neighbour’s house and because of her persistence, she was able to convince us to hire her as our agent. She was determined and very hardworking. She did not give up nor did she allow any obstacles or challenges to defeat her or prevent her from getting her job done. This helped us sell our house for a lot more than we expected. She has now become more than just an agent to us, but a part of our family as well. Her great personality, optimism and honesty are how you know you’re in good hands. We would strongly recommend her as an agent to anyone.”
~Surupa Karthigesu

“Elaine helped me rent out my unit in an exceptionally short amount of time. I believe it was within a week from the time of listing to the time of closing taking as little time as needed from my busy schedule. Not only did she do the usual due diligence in finding a tenant but she even went the extra mile to help me tidy up the unit and prep it for showing as I was out of town at that time. She then met with all prospective tenants before finally coming back to me with a shortlist of her top 3 candidates all with their pros and cons. I ended up going with her first choice which has been one of the best tenants I have ever had, completely hassle free, neat and everything she said he would be. I wouldn’t think twice into using her again should I ever require a tenant. She has an innate ability to read a person and will always have your best interests at heart. Great agent and I will definitely use her again in any future sales and purchases going forward and you should too.”
~Desmond Lim

“Since 2012, Elaine has been my guide and my support. She has helped us rent our first condo, buy our first home and recently sell our home. As volatile as our lives are, Elaine has been able to always help ground us and make proper real estate decisions. We trust Elaine’s judgment and are always confident that she is able to achieve and bring to reality our complex family needs when it comes to a home. We have a big family and each one of the four members has different needs, but it never deterred Elaine or exhausted her, nor was she ever intimidated by the negative reactions she sometimes got from us. It was clear from our first experience that Elaine understood our needs and wishes and she was able to always exceed our expectations in a very limited amount of time. I would like to say that our experience with Elaine selling our home was a simple process, but that would be unjust for Elaine. She first absorbed our requirements, then explained the process as well as giving us check lists and all the realty information we needed to know. Once all the preliminary details were finalized and marketing needed to commence, she oversaw every detail of preparing the house, taking the pictures, launching the MLS listing and erecting the signs. I was quite flattered that she dug in and helped clean and present the house, she drove by the signs to insure all was in order and put all the extra touches for the open house. I was touched that she bought cookies and juice, which I hadn’t seen except in million dollar homes. The feedback from my neighbors was uplifting and fortunately all that saw it loved the home and we had an offer on the second day. On day five, we had more than three offers and the price was above asking. Elaine helped sort our confusion and indecision in her usual sure and steadfast approach. Elaine dedicated her days to us by selling our home on one end and finding us a new home on the other end. As with every experience, she managed to solve all our real estate needs. She is firm and aggressive when she needs to be, and caring and attentive when she needs to be. In my opinion, she differentiates herself from the many agents around with her genuine attitude towards her clients. We never saw her as an agent, but rather someone who would be able to genuinely solve our problems. Although caring, Elaine is very competent and wastes no time pinpointing facts to help her clients reach decisions. I have recommended Elaine before and will continue to recommend her as the best real estate agent I know.”
~Mona Mustafa and Ahmad Ibrahim

“We were looking for the real estate agent who would help us to sell our condo apartment, and came across Elaine Kay’s business card in a lobby of the condo building. Upon our first meeting we were impressed by Elaine’s knowledge, efficiency and honesty. She was quick to respond to our calls, and was very helpful and friendly. Elaine gave us good advice, priced our condo correctly, and as a result it was sold within couple of days. We will definitely use Elaine’s services in the future and would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to buy or sell their property. Thank you Elaine, you are AWESOME!”
~Dora and Alex Radinovsky

“The experience of selling our home with Elaine was amazing! She was supportive, transparent and genuine through the whole process and even after we sold, for way over asking! She’s really passionate about what she does. From our first meeting with her, she listened, asked the right questions, provided recommendations, and had a great sense of humour. We knew right away she was the agent for us. We received comments from people we knew and strangers alike, saying how professional and kind our agent was. That says a lot. Thank you, Elaine!”
~Keisha and Deon Miller