East Vancouver Areas in British Columbia

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  • Location

    The Burrard Inlet borders the eastern region of the city northwards, the River Fraser lies southwards and Burnaby towards the east. The residential properties in this area are very affordable, hence catering for the housing needs of the low-income earners residing in the area.

    Historical Facts

    In the early 1880s, immigrants without British origins were the first to settle in this area. The use of land, mother tongue or first language, family income as well as ethnicity are diverse in this region of the city. East Vancouver is very rich in history and in 500 BC, the first settlers with an aboriginal background settled in this part of the city. The banks of River Fraser, the downtown areas and the West Side neighborhoods are the exact locations where this kind of settlement occurred. The New Westminster was connected to False Creek in 1860 through the Trail of False Creek.


    The Sprott Show College is one of the institutions of higher learning that this area prides itself of. Others can be accessed from the nearby areas and neighborhoods. They would include elementary and secondary schools as well as tertiary schools.


    Vancouver has at least 550,000 residents as of 2001. Areas within the East Vancouver entails Killarney, Grandview-Woodland, Strathcona, Sunrise Hastings, Cottage of Cedar Kensington, Little Monday Riley park as well as the Victoria view from Fraser. Chinatown and the East side of downtown are unique features found in this land. 27% of the residents are Canadian natives who speak English as their first language; Chinese 49% and Japanese languages (as at 3%) are also spoken. The area features residents of different age groups with some under 19, 20-64 and above 65 years of age.