The Vancouver Neighborhood of Hastings Sunrise

Geographical Location

This neighborhood is one of the many areas that are located on the north eastern side of the city of Vancouver. The Boundary Road borders Hastings Sunrise on the eastern side, on the western boundary is Nanaimo Street, towards north is Burrard Inlet and the East Broadway lies on the southern boundary.

Historical Information

Heritage buildings in the area that were built many years ago have been renovated and converted into beautiful homes in order to cater for the high demand for homes. In 1066, there was a ‘Battle of Hastings’ that is believed to be the origin of the name given to this neighborhood. It was named after George Fowler Hastings, who was the Pacific Navy’s chief commander, in the middle of the 19th century. Since time immemorial, the residents of this area have always been categorized as a working class.

Education in Hastings Sunrise Neighborhood

The fact that the residents of this area are young and working family professionals, the need for schooling is very prevalent, hence cannot be ignored. Schools that offer elementary education include the likes of Hastings, Franklin, Tillicum Annex and the Dr. A.R. Lord. Those looking for private schools can attend the Notre Dame Regional or the West Coast Christian schools that provide post-elementary education. Another school that offers schooling of this kind (secondary) is the Templeton Secondary school. This high school is well known for its excellent drama as well as video and TV production courses.

Population Demographics

In 2001, the population of Hastings Sunrise neighborhood was 33,000 with residents below the age of 40 comprising 55.2% of all the residents living in this area. It has witnessed an influx of Asians over many decades among other immigrants.The majority of the residents who are Chinese make up 41.2% of the whole population. English and Italian speakers also reside in this neighborhood with number following those of the Chinese, respectively. $53,963 is the area’s average household income on a yearly basis.