This neighborhood is situated to the west of the city of Vancouver with the Burrard Street bordering it to the east, English Bay shore to the north, towards the south is 16th Avenue and Almer Street borders it towards the west side. Bordering Kitsilano to the southeast isShaughnessy, West End on the northeast side, Arbutus Ridge on the south, towards the east is False Creek, to the west is West Point Grey and in the southwest of this neighborhood lies the south of Dunbar, also known as Southlands.

Historical Information

Kitsilano was named after a Squamish chief. It was in the 1800s that the people of Squamish are believed to have settled in this area in order to work in the industries that operated during those times such as sawmills; they were established by the first settlers in this neighborhood. Senakw, a Squamish word used to refer to the bridge at Burrard Street, is where some reserve land for Indians is found; the land is located at the foot of this bridge. The commercial and real estate areas of this neighborhood were made accessible when the railway line was built across it in the 1890s. The Vancouver Lawn Tennis Clubwhich is located in Granville Park became popular during this period. Canadians and Americans were attracted to Kitsilano because its house and living standards were very affordable.

Education Institutions

Education plays a great role not just in Kitsilano but also in the wider Vancouver city because many residents are employed in this sector. Kitsilano, Henry Hudson, Tennyson and Gordon elementary schools and Kitsilano secondary school are some of the best educational institutions to look out for.


In the year 2006, the population of Kitsilano was 40,595 with those below 19 years of age making up 12.6%. Those whose ages range from twenty to thirty nine make up 45.3% of the total population. Ages ranging from 40 to 64 make up 33.1% while residents who are at least sixty five years of age constitute only 9.1% of the population. Although the majority of the population, of up to a quarter, speaks English, the rest of the population is Chinese and French speakers. Kitsilano€™s rate of unemployment is 4.2%, low income earners make up 21.3% of the total population and the residents€™ average annual income is $53,455.