Killarney Neighborhood in British Columbia’s Vancouver City

Geographical Location

Featuring Champlain Heights neighbourhood, Killarney is bordered by the Fraser River to the south, Kingsway and the East 41st Avenue create a boundary to the north, the eastern border that separates the neighborhood from Burnaby is the Boundary Road and the boundary to the west entails both Vivian Drive and the Elliott Street. The green nature of the area is a clear indication of how recent its development occurred.

Historical Information

Having been a forest initially, the southern part of the neighborhood was cleared for farming in 1868 after a land grant was issued to the first person to settle in the area, William Rowling who was a British military surveyor. A decade later, the first settler George Wales, moved into the northern parts of this neighborhood. The construction of the line of street cars ushered in development not just on the eastern side of the residential area but also on the western parts. The demand for housing rose after the 2nd World War and in the 70s, residential homes were built in the Champlain Heights area. Unlike other neighborhoods, Killarney does not feature many heritage homes. However, a number of farmhouses built in the 20s can be found within the neighborhood. Known for its natural heritage, Killarney is the home to some of the oldest trees in Vancouver. In the 90s, the riverbed of Fraser was developed into a residential area that features high –rise homes as well as town houses.

Education in Killarney

In addition to the recreational facilities in the area such as the parks, this neighborhood caters well for the resident’s educational needs. The great transport network also allows the residents to easily commute to other schools in the surrounding areas. The Killarney secondary school provides post-secondary education to the teenagers who have successfully completed their elementary schooling. Schools within the Champlain Heights are also attended by the residents of this green neighborhood.

Population Demographics

23,552 is the population of Killarney in Vancouver BC. The Chinese make up 56% of the residents and the Filipinos, Japanese and South Asians also live here. The majority of the residents (66%) drive cars while 63.8% of the households own the homes they live in.