The Neighborhood of Champlain Heights

Geographical Location

The neighborhood of Champlain Heights is situated on a corner to the southeast of the city of Vancouver. Featuring various units of houses and town houses, this neighborhood is related to that of Killarney. It is known for its meandering paths, streets and roads that are lined with trees, hence making it hard for an individual to get lost. The Everette Crowley Park that was once used as a dump site is found in this neighborhood. It is ranked 5th in size (it is 40ha) among other parks in Vancouver city.

Historical Information

The park was named after an initial commissioner of the board of parks and also a former Vancouver city planner. The land in this area is owned by the city which leased it out on a contract that lasts ninety nine years.

Education in Champlain Heights

Education is important for so many reasons and in order to ensure that the children in this neighborhood can go to school, very many elementary, post-elementary and tertiary schools are within reach. Some of the schools found in this neighborhood include the Elementary School of Champlain Heights which was designed and developed by one of Canada BC’s greatest architect and designer. Languages like French and German are taught in some of the schools. An Annex and a community school are also found in this area. Moreover, schools from neighboring residential areas can also be accessed from Champlain Heights.

Population Demographics

The population of adults in Champlain Heights is about 7,000. Almost half of the residents bought the homes they live in while the rest live in rental units. Both apartments and detached homes are found within the neighborhood. Many young families live in this residential area due to ease of access to social facilities like entertainment spots, schools, shopping malls as well as hospitals, among others.