Located to the west of Vancouver city, Kerrisdale is not just a neighborhood that is affluent but also features houses such as bungalows that are both old and new as well as low and middle class rentals. It features condos in the northern areas. Native Canadians and non-native Asians are the major occupants of this neighborhood whose shopping district is sandwiched between Maple Street and 47th Avenue and runs along the 41st West Avenue. Although this neighborhood lies to the north of Arbutus Ridge and south of 41st Avenue, it is bordered to the north by the 33rd West Avenue, towards the east is Granville Street, 57th West Street is located southwards and westwards is the Blenheim Street. Whereas the southwest section of this neighborhood is referred to as Southlands, Marpole the name of the parts towards the north. Found on the flood plains of River Fraser to the north, Southlands has a country-side look and feel; it is popular for its horse stables.

Historical Facts

It was in 1905, when Mrs. William McKinnon gave the interurban stop located on Wilson Road a name at the request of R.H Sterling, the manager of the BC Electric Railway, that this neighborhood was named. She gave it her family name and most of the streets and avenues in the city were developed at this point and time. Although the original name was ‘Kerry’s Dale’, it was changed to Kerrydale and finally Kerrisdale.


Educational institutes found in Kerrisdale includes Kerrisdale Elementary School, Dr. R.E McKechnie Elementary School, Kerrisdale Annex, Quilchena Elementary School and Maple Grove Elementary School, Point Gray Secondary School, Prince of Wales Secondary School as well as the Magee Secondary School. Towards the south of Dunbar is the Crofton House School.


In addition to basement suites cheap apartments rented by students, this neighborhood also features high-rise homes owned by wealthy professionals. The northern parts of Kerrisdale feature low-rise homes and apartments where most residents are old and retired. In 2006, the population of this neighborhood was 14,615 with 42% of the residents being couples who are married.