Southlands Neighborhood in British Columbia’s Vancouver City

Geographical Location

Located in the lower sections of the Mainland, Southlands neighborhood features boundaries that are natural. On the south eastern border lies the Fraser River, the corner to the northwestern edge of the neighborhood is the UBC Endowment Lands, Angus Drive lies to the east, Marine Drive to the west and bordering it to the north is the West 41st Avenue.

Historical Information

Just like Dunbar (located to the north of this neighborhood), the lands within Southlands were neither developed nor inhabited by the beginning of the 1900s. In the 20s, routes or paths for streetcars were developed in this neighborhood and this improved its accessibility. Construction of homes was also initiated during the same period as the principles that governed the planning of towns in Vancouver evolved. The area has a rich heritage of homes designed in beautiful architectural styles such as Edwardian and the Arts and Crafts of the English people. According to the Heritage Register of Vancouver, the historical homes found both in Southlands and the northern neighboring Dunbar area are about twenty one by the year 1992; these are pre-46s homes. Despite the fact that these heritage homes have been renovated over years, they still maintain their eclectic touch of elegance and traditional style.

Education in Southlands

Whether the families residing in the Southlands neighborhood decide to school within its borders or cross to the neighboring residential areas, there are several schools to choose from. For elementary schooling, they can opt for Southlands, Kerrisdale Annex, Kerrisdale or even the McKechnie elementary schools. Children who qualify and are old enough to join high school can attend Magee or Point Grey secondary schools. There are also various private schools in the area worth noting such as St. George’s School, Crofton House, Glen Eden, Immaculate Conception and the Montessori School. For higher learning, the BC University is just ten minutes away and is located along the SW Marine Drive.

Population Demographics

Southlands has an adult population of 5,109 and $195,259 is the average household income annually. The majority of the residents are Chinese, making up 82% of the entire population. Blacks, South Asians, Filipinos and the Japanese also make up the area’s population.