Fairview Neighborhood in Vancouver, BC


Located to the north-west of the city, Fairview is one of the various neighborhoods in Vancouver city. To the south of this area is 16th Avenue, towards the east is Cambie Street, Burrard Street lies on the west of the neighborhood and on the northern border is False Creek. Certain offices, shopping areas and health institutions are found in Fairview.

Historical Information

Initially, Fairview area was covered with a dense rainforest that featured various large trees and wild animals. In 1860, Hastings and Moodyville Mills were initiated, making this neighborhood among the first to be cleared of trees in forests. The Burrard Inlet was the prime location of the mills. The neighborhood was part of the land grants given to the CPR; the arrival of the electric railway in the city in the 1890s led to the development of this neighborhood. The Fairview loop in addition to the railway line improved access to this area from the core of the city. It therefore developed into both a residential and commercial area. The name of this area was deduced from the fact that it has a perfect view of the Shore Mountains to the north as well as the areas at the heart of Vancouver city.


Fairview neighborhood features various schools ranging from private to public, elementary to secondary and tertiary educational institutions. The Blessed Sacrament and Madrona Schools are the private institutions located in this area. On the Granville Island is the Art and Design Emily Carr University. Most schools in neighborhoods like False Creek, Shaughnessy and Kitsilano are accessible from this neighborhood. For instance, the False Creek and Shaughnessy elementary schools.


In 2006, the population of this area rose by 3.1% from the previous census carried out in 2001; the neighborhood had 29,295 residents. 9.3% constitutes residents who are under nineteen years, those with an age range of twenty to thirty nine constitute 42.7% of the population, ages ranging from 40 to 64 entail 34.6% and those at least 65 years make up 13.4%. English is the main spoken language after which is Chinese. The rate of unemployment is 4.4% while the annual average income per household is approximately $52,458.