Why Visit Kitsilano Beach

Vancouver features several sandy beaches that are popular not just amongst the locals but also visitors or foreigners, with Kitsilano beach (also referred to as ‘Kits’) being one of them. It was initially known as Greer’s beach, a name sourced from an early settler who was not a native of this land. The Burrard Inlet and the face of the beach are directly opposite each other.

The beach is located to the north of the residential Kitsilano neighbourhood. The beach is located to the north of Yew street on Cornwall Avenue with the seawall running along it. It can be accessed through the road using personal cars or even Translink buses or even ferry, depending on where one is. The Kitsilano salt-water outdoor pool that operates in summer and is run by the Vancouver Parks Board is Canada’s swimming pool that is of the longest length and is located on the beach to the west.

Courts for beach volleyball and a playground is situated to the north of the beach, on its edge. The local or native name of this beach when translated means having cedar that is red. The demolishing of the old birth house occurred in 2005 to create room for a modern alternative. The new building has excellent views of the Vancouver city and to the top it houses the Watermark restaurant. The Boathouse franchise restaurants purchased the Watermark structure not long ago.

The Kitsilano beach is among the many tourist destinations in the Vancouver area that one must visit, in addition to gardens and parks. The beach features public washrooms, a concession, rafts for swimming, parking lots, lifeguards as well as a sea wall system along the sea. Swimming in beaches is among the most fun summer activities at the Kits beach; the calm nature of water at the sea makes it perfect for swimming.

Other things to keep one busy when visiting the beach are tennis, basketball, volleyball, a dog park at the Hadden park, walking along the seawall, skim boarding, windsurfing, paddling while standing as well as floor, field and ball hockey among others. The many restaurants, clubs and pubs around the beach makes it possible for beach parties that run into the night.


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