West Side Has Some of the Best Condos for Sale in Vancouver BC

If Toronto is the flagship of Ontario, then Vancouver is the face of British Columbia. The city is unique in that it is almost entirely surrounded by the sea; with it beaches making it a popular summer spot for Canadians and foreigners alike. Anyone hunting for condos for sale in Vancouver BC; would be pleased to discover the many appealing seaside places to live in which are figuratively within arm’s reach.

West Side is quite possibly the best place for you to shop for homes since this area boasts of a diverse range of houses and apartments for you to choose from, aside from the aforementioned beaches. VancouverCanadaHomes.com can help you find the best property to suit your preferences and budget; anywhere from Fairview Slops to Downtown. West Side is particularly famous for its old character houses, homes built with a certain theme in mind, which could be quite expensive.

Of course, it’s not just the availability of good homes or condos that would make you want to live in the West Side. This area hosts some of the largest and most notably shopping centres in the city, particularly Robson Street and Gastown for their boutiques and designer clothes. Granville is also well-known for its theaters and music venues like the Commodore Ballroom and Orpheum; indeed, this is why the street merits the nickname “Theater Row”.

With all of these sights and sounds in mind, it is only prudent for you to thoroughly inspect premium condos for sale in Vancouver BC, since even an idyllic vision of Paradise can be painfully ruined if you end up living in a rundown home or a bad neighborhood. First and foremost, you should work with a reliable realtor when it comes to looking for condominiums. Apart from checking the soundness of the structure, condos must be inspected for water infiltration, fire safety, compliance with building codes, etc.

If possible, obtain a copy of West Side’s Strata Council minutes. This is a document that can inform you of any recent repairs, engineering reports, financial reports, and general meetings involving the condo of your choice that you must be aware of. You must ensure that the condo has a reliable maintenance program in place.

Everything inevitably boils down to whether or not you like the condo. Work closely with capable realtors like VancouverCanadaHomes.com to make sure you get the best out of Vancouver’s West End.




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