The Neighborhood of Gastown

Geographical Location

The initial boundaries of Gastown included the Streets of Columbia and Cambie, Hastings Street and the waterfront which is currently known as the Water Street; this was in the 1870s. Currently, only the buildings of Dominion and Woodward are included in the area’s border along the Hastings Street. The border traverses the Street of Columbia and runs directly into the laneway which is parallel to the Main Street’s western side. Vancouver’s national site for historical buildings and features is Gastown that is located next to the east of Vancouver and the north-eastern side of the city’s downtown area.

Historical Information

Gastown was named after a man by the name Jack Deighton who was the captain of a steamboat, seaman and a bar keeper; he landed in this area in 1867 after which the town slowly developed into a commercial hub for trade. Warehouses, a seaport, sawmills and the terminus of the Pacific Railway line company in Canada were all featured in the area. The town became the Vancouver city in 1886. During the same year, the city lost everything apart from a couple of buildings. It was after reconstruction that the town began to progress again. Drunkards made up the majority of the area’s population and distribution of wholesale products occurred in the area. Featuring various unique historical architectures, Gastown was declared a historical site in the 1970s after it began to develop in the 60s. The area had suffered a massive depression in the early 1930s. One of the best historical features in this area is the steam clock with a faux heritage that attracts several visitors on an annual basis.

Education in Gastown Neighborhood

There are various schools within Gastown and those in the nearby neighborhoods are also easily accessible. Schools for filming and acting, King George secondary school, SFU and Strathcona elementary are some of the educational institutions available within the area.

Population Demographics

Although this town was initially a prime destination for tourists, it is the home of many young professionals (in the age group range of 20-30) such as artists. The population of this area is about 79,000 and 49% of this figure are educated.