New Vancouver Pre Sale Condo at Radius in Kitsilano


Kitsilano is a Vancouver Westside neighborhood with English Bay as the northern boundary, the eastern boundary is the Street of Burrard, lying on the western border is the Street of Almer and the southern boundary is the 16th Avenue. With an approximate population of forty thousand, this neighborhood is home to both middle-income earners and the rich. The Arts Club, Sandbar Restaurant and Granville Island are only ten minutes away from the location of Radius pre-sale condo towards the north east direction. The Ouisi Bistro, the Granville Street and the Theatre of Stanley are located to the south of the development’s planned site of construction.

Price Points

There are three major price ranges of the condo homes up for pre-sale as listed below. The price of a condo is totally dependent on its type as well as size.

1 + FLEX $389,900
2 $499,000

Condo Types and Sizes

The new Vancouver pre-sale condo to be developed in Kitsilano’s Radius area features various condo types as well as sizes as listed below.

  • 1 bedroom condo
  • 1 bedroom and den condo
  • 2 bedroom condo
  • 2 bedroom and den condo


RadiusKitsilanoCondo1Due to the modern lifestyle that is well connected, rich in content and very fast, the pre-sale condo is well connected to other areas in the neighborhood and its central location improves its ease of access. Moreover, the condo’s high style is designed to provide convenience and comfort to its potential owners not just within the home but also around the building’s proposed location. Bars, libraries, beaches and restaurants are only ten minutes away from Radius.


RadiusKitsilanoCondo2Ledingham McAllister is the prime developer of the pre-sale condo set to be constructed in the real estate market of Kitsilano, precisely within the Radius area. This developer has had a vivid presence in the British Columbia area since the year 1905 when it developed its first building in Vancouver city. Due to the many years in business, this developer is loved for its vast experience and good reputation.


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