Is Now Really a Good Time to Buy Homes for Sale in Vancouver?

homes-in-vancouverVancouver suffered from the abysmal housing market conditions in recent months. Yet things are starting to shape up, as indicated by the rise in the city’s local real estate sales volume by a full percent last May. This latest statistic reinforces the previous forecast that the market’s fortunes will improve toward the middle of the year.

Now that Vancouver’s real estate scene is pretty much balanced, you may want to take the opportunity to work with trusted realtors like when looking for suitable homes for sale in Vancouver. If location is your primary consideration for a property purchase, then you can’t go wrong with those in the West Side area. This upscale part of the city is also regarded as one of the best neighborhoods across all Canada.

Among other things, the West Side area is home to vibrant shopping and commercial districts that never fail to entice both foreigners and locals. Robson Street and Gastown are quite famous for their boutiques and designer outfits, while Downtown is a hub for anything related to sports and theatre. In addition, locals can easily access the 50-kilometer beach stretch.

VancouverWith its sizable Asian and European immigrant population, one can also say that Vancouver is a highly diverse city. West End (in Downtown) is hailed as one of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods in Vancouver, and this distinction also extends to the kind of properties up for grabs in this area. This neighborhood is dotted with various duplexes, town homes, heritage homes, affordable condos, and high-rise apartments.

Meanwhile, small families looking to settle down might want to check out the property listings for North Vancouver, where affordable housing options for starter homes abound. Set against the backdrop of the North Shore mountains, this area also has a distinctly suburban environment that encourages outdoor family-bonding activities. With a reliable public transportation system that connects to the rest of the city, Northern Vancouver arguably offers some of the best homes for sale in Vancouver.

Regardless of your preferred location, however, you may want to act fast while the local housing market is still optimally balanced. With the range of options available, there’s simply no reason to delay your quest for your dream property.

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