Gastown’s Top Restaurants serving up great food and cool drinks

Some of Gastown’s top restaurants are serving up Vancouver’s best food and drinks adding quality of life to Gastown Condo Living!

The Chill Winston

The Chill Winston restaurant is located along the 3 Alexander Street and features a patio with a beautiful view as well as a lounge with an atmosphere that is friendly. Winston serves its clients international cuisines and dishes made with locally sourced food ingredients. For instance, all the pork, beef and lamb used in the dishes are gotten locally.

The Cork & Fin

The Cork & Fin is located along the 221 Carrall Street and features an elegant setting for dining its delicious seafood that is amazingly cooked. Just like many other local restaurants, Cork & Fin serve dishes made from ingredients that are home grown; especially the meats.


The L’abattoir

217 Carroll Street is the exact location of this excellent restaurant, the L’Abattoir. As one of the top restaurants in the neighborhood of Gastown, L’Abattoir is known for its blend of sublime dishes, local meats, French techniques of cooking, Okanagan wines and beers from Vancouver’s west coast. On its Courtyard of Gaelor’s Mews, lies a dining setting that is unique and eye catching.

The Peckinpah BBQ

Who does not love BBQ? If barbecue cooked the Carolina style is one’s favorite they can bet on the Peckinpah. Their chicken is sourced from Surrey, pork from a ranch in Clinton and beef from Pemberton. With mouth watering dishes, no other restaurant beats L’Abattoir when it comes to barbecue. Just like other Gastown’s top restaurants, Peckinpah sources its food ingredients, especially the meats, from locally certified sources.


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