Central Condos For Sale in Vancouver by Onni


Located in the heart of Vancouver city at 1618 Quebec Street and near the Main Street that lies to the east, Central development comes with convenience in terms of accessing other essential areas of this city such as the Main Street, the downtown area of the city or even the neighborhood of Kitsilano, also known as Kits. The fact that SE False Creek is a new neighborhood guarantees that almost everything here if not all, is distinct and modern, unlike many heritage residential areas in the city. From the beautiful waterfront, shopping centers, entertainment spots as well as local and international cuisines, Central development, is the place to call home. Fitness facilities, parks, waterways and large streets (as well as avenues) that carry traffic into and from the city make this place an ideal residential location.

Price Points

The cost of the housing units to be featured in this residential building begins from as low as $347,900 to as high as $1.5299 million. The average price for every square foot of the building is about $650 whereas what it costs to maintain the building monthly per square foot is $0.38.

NO. OF BEDROOM SIZE (in square feet) PRICE
1 515-800 $356,900-$497,900
2 860-1500 $531,900-$1.379 million
3 1475-1635 $1.5299 million

Condo Types and Sizes

With 22 floors, Central development is designed to house 304 homes. Suites with one and two bedrooms as well as penthouses with two and three bedrooms are featured in the development. The size of the available condos ranges from 515 to 1470 square feet large with ceiling being 8 to 8.6 feet high.


CentralCondos2The architecture of this development is one of a kind not just in Vancouver but worldwide. It showcases creativity and innovation, thoughtfulness as well as an eye to detail. Inspiration, ambiance, sustainability, beauty and elegance stand out in the design of this building’s architecture. The many features and amenities of this landmark tower will make these homes a haven of life and luxury. The wellness center is designed specifically to ensure that the residents can live a fun life that is healthy and free from stress or any other hustles of an urban living.


The Onni Group of Companies is the developer of this residential project while its iconic and marvelous architecture is designed by DIALOG, an architectural company with a good reputation for the kind of work it has done in the past.


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