Vancouver’s Victoria BC Neighborhood

Geographical Location

The Vancouver Eastside’s Victoria neighborhood is bordered by the 16th Avenue on the northern boundary, sections of Perry and Argyle Streets border it to the west (to the north and south respectively) and to the southern boundary lies East 41st Avenue. The Victoria Drive and the 16th Avenue interject at the NE corner of the neighborhood before running southwards and interjecting with the 24th Avenue. It runs further down the eastern boundary interjecting with the Nanaimo Street and the Avenue of Stainsbury.

Historical Information

There are two kinds of housing units in the Victoria neighborhood. The first kind were built before the late 40s and second kind were constructed as a result of increased demand for housing in the early 80s at the start of the 90s. The close proximity of Victoria to the core of Vancouver’s downtown area was the reason successful families of middle class relocated to this neighborhood. The fact that this is a sub-urban residential area also played a role in attracting new residents, hence the increased demand for housing.

Education in Victoria neighborhood

Many young families have been moving into this neighborhood in the recent past, hence the need for education. The John Norquay, Tecumseh, Laura Secord, Lord Selkirk, McBride, Tecumseh Annex and Cunningham are the elementary schools within the locality of the Victoria neighborhood as well as its surrounding areas. Gladstone, Killarney, Vancouver Technical, the Sir Charles Tupper as well as the John Oliver are the secondary schools that can be easily accessed by anyone who lives in this area. Our Lady of Sorrows, the St. Joseph’s, Fraser Academy, St. Andrews, Stratford Hall and the Khalsa School are some of the many private schools within the Vancouver areas surrounding this neighborhood as well as within its lands.

Population Demographics

The diverse and unique adult population of Victoria is 13,259 and the average household income annually is $65,362. The most spoken language is Chinese with 51% of the population being natives of this Asian country. Filipinos, Latin Americans as well as southeast and south Asians are also found in this neighborhood but in lesser numbers.