South Vancouver Neighborhood in British Columbia

Geographical Location

South Vancouver is located to the east of the Vancouver city. The northern branch of the Fraser River (north of the Mitchell Island) borders this neighborhood to the south, the East 49th Avenue borders it to the north, lying on the eastern boundary is Knight Street and on the western boundary lies the neighborhood of Southlands. The Main Street crosses the East 49th Avenue in the northern boundary into the western section of the neighborhood towards south and ends at its interjection with the SE Marine Drive. Fraser Street also runs in the middle of the neighborhood from the northern boundary and ends on the SE Marine Drive. The East 57th Avenue runs across the neighborhood from west to east across the Moberly Park found in the eastern part of South Vancouver. The Fraser neighborhood lies to the north while the Fairview is on the east.

Historical Information

Just like many other Vancouver neighborhoods, the development of the streetcar and railway lines opened up these areas for development. The heritage homes found within the neighborhood were built before 1946 and they are continuously renovated to look as good as new. Before the 1900s, the lands within South Vancouver were not occupied as they were covered in a large forest.

Education in South Vancouver

South Vancouver neighborhood, just like any other within the area, has put all the efforts to ensure that it is family friendly. Several schools (both secondary and elementary schools) are featured in this residential area. Henderson which is located on the East 53rd Avenue, Trudeau found along the East 62nd Avenue and the Walter Moberly located on the East 59th Avenue are the major elementary schools situated within this neighborhood. Other schools for secondary and tertiary education can be accessed from the bordering neighborhoods such as Dunbar to the north and Oakridge to the northwest.

Population Demographics

22,527 adults reside in the South Vancouver neighborhood with $67,187 as their annual average income. 33.8% of this number are singles while 54.1% are married. 60.3% of the population are the residents who own homes whereas renters make up 39.7%. Apartment housing units in the neighborhood comprise 8.3% while houses constitute 48.1%. South Asians make up 43% of the entire population, the Chinese come second at 26%, the Filipinos make up 7% and Southeast Asians 5%.