Renfrew neighborhood in Vancouver BC

Geographical Location

The northern boundary of Renfrew neighborhood is Broadway, on the western border is Nanaimo Street, the East 41st Avenue enclose it to the south and lying on the eastern border is Boundary Road. Running across the neighborhood’s areas to the south is Kingsway. The Grandview Highway that trespasses this neighborhood carry people coming and leaving Vancouver.

Historical Information

The history of Hastings neighborhood is almost similar to that of this residential area. It was given a name after the arrival of George Fowler Hastings who worked in the military. The post office, ferry, hotel, telephone and road that were first developed or used in the city of Vancouver was within the Renfrew neighborhood. In 1910, an exhibition currently known by the name Pacific National Exhibition was developed as the first of its kind within the Vancouver city due to public demand and pressure. The neighborhood became part of the city in 1911. The vast lands of forest that covered the area were cleared to create room for a military trail that was to be constructed.

Education in Renfrew Neighborhood

There are several elementary and secondary schools in this neighborhood such as the Maquinna, Dr. A.R. Lord, Thunderbird and Sir Matthew Begbie for the former kind of education while Templeton Secondary and the Vancouver Technical schools offer high school education.

Population Demographics

The population of this neighborhood, Renfrew, is about 25,800 with an average income of $62,916 annually. Single residents comprise 38.5%, the married 47% and those with higher education qualifications make up 40.5%. 60.6% own homes while 39.4% rent their houses. Making up 49% of the entire population, the Chinese are the most predominant ethnic community in this neighborhood. Latin Americans, Filipinos and south Asians also reside in this residential area. Just like many other neighborhoods within Vancouver, the majority of Renfrew residents are immigrants, comprising 56.8% of its total population.