Oakridge VW


Rectangular in shape, the Granville Street borders this neighborhood to the west and to the east is the multi-cultural Main Street. Bordering it to the north is the 41st West Avenue and to the south is West 57th Avenue. Spanning the neighborhood from north to south is the Cambie and Oak Streets which are the some of the busiest within Vancouver. It covers 401 HA of land and the bridges spanning it enhance traffic during rush hours.

Historical Information

The neighborhood has been kept as natural as possible over several years apart from the golf course that is found next to Cambie and 49th Street in the year 1926. Before the World War 2 broke out, boarding schools and hospitals were built within this neighborhood during the same year. Development in this area began after the war came to an end after which the Jewish speakers moved towards the south along the Oak street road. In the 1950, the Canadian railway opened its land to the outside world and neighborhood for business. Due to its development in the 50s and 60s, this neighborhood does not have many heritage buildings and features single homes for families such as bungalows that have been replaced with modern buildings.


Sir Winston Churchill Secondary, Jamieson Elementary, Sir William Osler Elementary, Van Horne Secondary and Langara college are easily accessible within this neighborhood.


The population of Oakridge is 12,725 with four major age groups. 20% of the total population are under ninety years, 24% are between the ages 20 and 39, 6% between 40 and 64 years and those above 65 years constitute 20% of all the residents. Chinese is the major language spoken in this neighborhood followed by English and Korean. The annual average income per household is $72,204. Single family homes constitute 47% of all the total dwellings in the area; apartments, duplexes and row houses are also featured in lower percentages.