Mount Pleasant Vancouver East Neighborhood

Geographical Location

The waterfront of False Creek borders Mount Pleasant VE to the north, the Ontario Street lies to the west, Clark Drive and Main Street borders it to the east all the way towards the Great Northern Way and lying south is the East 16th Avenue border.

Historical Information

The distinct look of Mount Pleasant resulted from a stream that once passed across the neighborhood. The area was initially known as ‘Brewery Creek’ because several breweries were constructed in the area as a result of the presence of the stream; this was from the late 1880s to the early 10s. In the 1890s, this neighborhood became a commercial and industrial area. Towards the end of the 90s, it experienced a boom in population with more people moving into the neighborhood. In fact, it was the first sub-urban area within Vancouver and its industries provided employment opportunities for its residents.

Education in Mount Pleasant VE

With many families living in this neighborhood, there are several schools within the area. Nightingale, St. Patrick’s, Lord Strathcona (established in1891 as the first school in the neighborhood), Admiral Seymour and the Fraser schools offer primary education. Students looking to join secondary schools can opt for the Sir Charles Tupper, St. Francis Xavier, Templeton or even the St. Patrick’s. The Great Northern Way Campus has schools for the SFU, BCIT, UBC and the Emily Carr School of Art and Design. These, together with the Vancouver Community College provide excellent post-secondary education.

Population Demographics

The population of Mount Pleasant VE in 2006 was 23,600 with the majority of the residents at 44.8% being in the age group 20-39. Residents below the age of nineteen comprise 13.7%, age group 40-64 makes up 33.4% and those more than sixty five years constitute only 8.2%. The most spoken language is English standing at 62% followed by Chinese at 10%. Tagalog speakers comprise only 5.1% of the residents and neighborhood’s average annual income is $37,700. The rate of unemployment is 5.5% and households that earn the least income make up 31.7% of the population. Unlike its previous community of artists, the area tends to attract the young and hippy professionals in the society.