MacKenzie Heights


The Mackenzie heights neighborhood is sandwiched between the Kerrisdale and Dunbar residential areas; it is located found on the citys Vancouver west side. The streets of Mackenzie Heights are lined with trees, the area features homes that are both old and new. It is not just quiet and peaceful but also perfect for families to live in because it is family oriented. Along the 41st Avenue, residents can easily access good restaurants and shops that are local. It lies to the north of Arbutus Ridge and several beautiful home of class are found in this neighborhood. The north shore mountains can be viewed from the location of this neighborhood.

Historical Facts

CPR led to the general development of this neighborhood. It is also known as Arbutus Ridge because it occupies part of it in the Vancouver city. The early inhabitants of this neighborhood are said to have been fishermen. Construction of the railway line spurred the growth of this neighborhood. There are several heritage homes featured in this area; heritage homes built in 1912 can be found along the 37th Avenue and were designed and built in Craft and English art styles. For instance, the Anglican Church of St. Marys Kerrisdale.

Educational Institutions

The Carnarvon elementary school that was started on 1966 September, the Trafalgar elementary school started in 1947, St. Georges school, prince of Wales secondary school and the York House secondary school are some educational institutes that can be accessed from this area for homes with families because this neighborhood has no schools of its own.


Mackenzie Heights has a diverse population of 16,145. Those between forty to sixty four years of age, comprises about 35.6% of the total population. 19.7% of the total population are aged sixty five and above, 22.9% below 19 years of age and 21.6% have their ages ranging from 20 to 39 years.