Vancouver BC’s Hastings Neighborhood

Geographical Location

Hastings neighborhood is bordered to the south by the East Hastings Street, Clark Drive and Main Street to the west, Nanaimo Street borders it to the east and the Venables Street towards south. The Burrard Inlet edge of water creates a boundary on the northern side of the neighborhood.

Historical Information

Despite the fact that Hastings is a residential area, it features railway lines and an industrial waterfront towards the north of the neighborhood. High and low residential buildings that are either for rentals or with strata titles are featured in this area. Houses for families and those who are single such as bungalows (small in size), Vancouver specials and heritage buildings are prominent in the area. The development of studios and lofts give the neighborhood an eclectic touch. The majority of the heritage homes were built in 1946 and the early 70s till the 80s. Historical buildings are also aplenty in Japantown which is part of the Hastings neighborhood.

Education in Hastings, Vancouver

A family-oriented neighborhood is as good as nothing without educational institutions for its budding young ones. The management of this neighborhood has ensured that there is convenient and easy access to schools. Lord Strathcona, Britannia, Dickens, Lord Nelson, Macdonald and Admiral Seymour elementary schools are easily accessible to the residents of Hastings neighborhood. Templeton offers post-secondary education while the St. Francis Institution of Assisi is a private school available for those who can afford it. Other schools in the surrounding neighborhoods are also accessible to the residents of this area.

Population Demographics

The population of Hastings is not just diverse but also very distinct. The estimated population of adults living in this neighborhood is 14,000. 55% of the population are single, 21% married and 50% have some sort of a higher (post-secondary) education. With about 10,000 households, only 19.3% own homes. The average household income per year is $37,600.