Vancouver’s Fraserview Neighborhood

Geographical Location

Knight Street borders Fraseview to the west, East 41st Avenue to the south, the Fraser River lies to the north and to the east is the Vivian Drive and Elliot Street. The neighborhood is located on a slope that faces south from the one clearly see the Mitchell Island (located towards the Delta and Richmond) and the River Fraser. Commercial buildings are found on the Victoria Drive. Condos, town houses and houses for single families are featured in this neighborhood.

Historical Information

It was in the early 1860s that non-native residents of Canada arrived in the neighborhood of Fraserview. Later in the 1880s, this area became part of the South Vancouver Municipality. Development of residences in this area began after the 2nd World War came to an end and soldiers returned home. This led to an increase in the demand for housing units and about one thousand one hundred new homes were built. Although this neighborhood was initially an industrial area (featured sawmills) as a result of the presence of the Fraser River, currently it’s purely a residential area featuring condos (along the Marine Drive) and other kinds of housing units. Heritage buildings (that have been renovated and used as residences) that were constructed from the mid 60s to the mid 80s are also still in existence on the slope that is found just above the Marine Drive.

Education in Fraserview

There are three major schools in Fraserview neighborhood such as the Sir James Douglas Elementary and Annex as well as the David Oppenheimer Elementary school. Other schools in neighboring residential areas are also within reach.

Population Demographics

With a population of 29,000, Fraserview features row houses, detached duplexes, single and semi detached houses, rental homes and at least 5 storey apartments. The majority of residences are between 40 and 64 years, making up 34.5% of the total population. 17.1% are above 65, 26.4% in the 20-39 age bracket and 21.9% are under nineteen years. An approximate of 9,500 homes in this neighborhood are fully owned.