Fraser Neighborhood in Vancouver BC

Geographical Location

Fraser neighborhood is accessed through the Fraser Street that crosses it in the middle. East 49th and 16th Avenues borders it to the south and north respectively. The Prince Edward Street lies to the west of the neighborhood while the Elgin Street lies on the eastern boundary. Parts of the Ross Street and Glen Drive also lies to the east.

Historical Information

The majority of homes in this area were built before the year 1946 specifically to target single families. The fact that these homes were constructed on spacious pieces of land makes them suitable not just for the retired but also families that are very young. In the 80s, this neighborhood saw another era of development in its real estate; bungalows and homes that were referred to as the ‘Vancouver Specials’ were constructed during this time. The demand for town houses and low rise strata housing units for several families has recently increased in the neighborhood.

Education in Fraser

Residents of this neighborhood have no problems when it comes to accessing quality education. Sir Alexander, Henderson, Livingstone and McBride Annex provide elementary education for the young ones in this neighborhood who can then proceed to have secondary education within the same area. Sir Charles Tupper, St Andrews, John Oliver and Khalsa are the schools that offer high school education. For those who need further learning, the Vancouver College is just within.

Population Demographics

The population of Fraser is about 86,000 that comprise various ethnic communities such as the Filipinos, Chinese, Indians as well as Vietnamese. The majority of residents making up 23% of the total population are mainly teenagers and children under twelve years. Those above 65 years make up 15% and so are those between 45 to 54 years of age. 21% of the population are in the 20-34 age group while 16% 35-44 years. Those between ages 55-64 are the least in number and comprise only 10% of the entire population. About 53,000 of the residents in the neighborhood live in their own homes.