Vancouver BC’s Collingwood Village Neighborhood

Geographical Location

Broadway borders this neighborhood to the north, southwards is the East 41st Avenue, on the western side is the Nanaimo Street and lying towards the eastern boundary is the Boundary Road (this is next to the Swangard stadium. Running across the southern section of this residential area is Kingsway while the Grandview Highway cuts through the center of the village, ferrying traffic to and from the city. Still Creek found on the rolling hills featured in this area is among some of the natural amenities that are still available. It is important to note that the streets within this neighborhood run from the north eastern side towards the south western side while avenues run towards the southeast from northwest.

Historical Information

The Collingwood Village was initially covered by a forest which was cleared in 1861 to usher in the construction of a military trail that run from the New Westminster all the way to the English Bay. George Wales was the first person to live in this neighborhood in 1878; the area he settled in is the part in the middle of Kingsway, Wales Street and the East 45th Avenue. The arrival of the railway in this neighborhood in 1891 saw a community of new residents come up. The area also realized the growth of a small town along the Joyce and Vanness Streets. By the early 1920s, the population of this area had grown significantly. Residential and commercial buildings have also been developed in this area over several years.

Education in Collingwood Village

Educational institutions are easily accessible within the neighborhood; whether it is an elementary school, high school or even an institution of higher learning.

Population Demographics

In 2001, the diverse population of Collingwood Village was approximately 44,900. The Chinese community makes up about 43.6% of the total population. The Vietnamese make up 4% of the total population, Tagalog 6%, the Aboriginal 1.4% and Indians 4%. The village’s average income annually is about $47,500. Irrespective of the race of residents, 75% of the entire population speak English.