Buying a Home Through a Reputable UBC Real Estate Specialist

Good Tips for Buying a Home Through a Reputable UBC Real Estate Specialist

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If you’re looking for a piece of property in a thriving city, look no farther than in Vancouver, Canada where a robust market for residential buildings around the University of British Columbia (UBC) flourishes. Even with a good location, however, remember that buying a home can’t be rushed. While emotion largely settles the deal, logic and good sense should follow a careful plan each step of the way. Here are some reminders when looking for real estate in Vancouver with the help of a UBC real estate specialist.

Getting an Agent

Buying a property entails numerous requirements from beginning to end. The process can get complicated and the risk higher if you do it on your own. You need a trusty real estate agent to filter the vast inventory of properties to match what they have with what you need, and generally make things easier for you. Make sure you only call on licensed real estate agents.

Checking the Neighborhood

Always consider the neighborhood. Your real estate agent will take you to specific locations to check properties you might be interested in. Indisputably, UBC is a prime location in Vancouver’s Westside and nearby to Spanish Banks beach. While in the area, chat with the residents and ask about neighborhood safety, proximity to convenience stores and restaurants, as well as other issues important to you.

On Financing

With the rising costs of housing in Canada, you might find it more viable to opt for a good home financing service. Apply for a loan only if you have a favorable (Equifax) credit rating of between 660-724. Your UBC real estate agent can also help you in this process. Vancouver Canada Homes can show you a range of University of British Columbia properties based on your need. With their advanced online search tool, you can select properties by area (via Google Maps), price, lot size, property type, and number of bedrooms. Certified real estate agents–among them Jean Séguin, can work with you and notify you when a match for you is found. All you have to do is subscribe to their email alerts. Buying your own home is rife with potential pitfalls that can trip you if you don’t tread carefully. However, if you consult with the right professionals, you will be guided every step of the way until you close a deal for a property that you’re happy with.

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