BaysWater Vancouver Pre-Sale Condo in Kitsilano


Located in Vancouver’s Kitsilano residential neighbourhood, the new Bayswater pre-sale condo features white bricks on the outside, four floors (low rise storey building), boutique suites that are thirty one in number. The building lies at the meeting point or intersection of the West Broadway and the Street of Bayswater (2468). The clothing boutique of Mark James was initially set to occupy the same location as this new pre-sale condo that has a floor plan that features homes with single, double and even triple bedrooms to choose from. The locality of the building will offer convenience and luxury to its potential occupants. Several shopping malls and restaurants are within the building’s vicinity. Access to Vancouver’s downtown and UBC areas is made easy due to the close proximity of the 99 B line. Translink has a good plan to improve and hasten access to this location, making it the perfect place for pre-sale purchases.

Price Points

The BaysWater development is set to feature about thirty one homes upon completion. For $410,000, one can buy a single bedroom home with a den or flexible extra spaces. The cost of homes with either double or triple bedrooms can be purchased for at least $630,000. Penthouses would go for higher prices.

NO. OF BEDROOM SIZE (in square feet) PRICE
1 + WORK 623 $399,900
1 + FLEX 688 $444,900
1 + WORK + FLEX 636 $474,900
2 930 $659,900
2 + DEN (at the corner) 1070 $769,900
2 + DEN (at the corner) 988 $799,900

Condo Types and Sizes

The size of homes in this condo development ranges from 619-1070 square feet depending on the number of bedrooms within a single home as well as other features included. For instance, the size of homes with single bedrooms will have sizes ranging from 619-676 square feet while those with double bedrooms inclusive of either dens or extra spaces (flexible or flexes) have a size range of 820-1152 square feet. Homes with spacious decks and triple bedrooms will be 990 square feet in size.


Large Islands, composite countertops made of stone for a touch of deluxe and Blomberg appliances that are integrated will make up the kitchen spaces of the pre-sale condo homes. Bathroom fixtures by Kohler and floors made of engineered wood will also dominate the interior spaces. Ample storage, parking and various amenities will also be featured in every home. Sidewalks that are large and wide, trees that are mature, benches and beautiful grounds that are landscaped will entail features surrounding the development project.


Mosaic, the developer behind this new pre-sale condo development, is known for its Iron and Whyte development and Stories, located in the neighbourhoods of Point Grey as well as the Cedar Cottage respectively. They are consistent with their promises and build homes of very high quality.


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