Yaletown Real Estate Listings Offer Excellent Options to Vancouverites

Convenience has become a major factor in enticing young professionals to set up residence in Vancouver. Citing a recent report from PriceWaterhouse Coopers and the Urban Land Institute, an article in the Huffington Post says today’s younger generation of professionals are realizing the benefits of living near places where they work, compared to having a home away from the city. Given this, they are more open to living in condominiums, which are easier to manage than traditional houses:

Canadian Real Estate Market

The annual outlook on emerging real estate trends says the move downtown, which has emerged in the past few years, will continue as more Canadians decide to stay in or move back to urban cores.

Much of this is due to changing demographics as young families and millennials forgo the white picket fence and house in the suburbs to take advantage of downtown living, where properties are smaller but offer more conveniences, said the 112-page report released Tuesday.

The Perks of Condo Living

Individuals who are starting to make their marks professionally in Vancouver could benefit from owning Yaletown condos. Compared to conventional houses, condos are more affordable, well-protected, and are situated in easily accessible places within the city. When it comes to maintenance, condominiums can easily be sustained, as owners just need to look after their own units.

Most condos also offer a slew of amenities, such as swimming pools, indoor gyms, and tennis courts. In fact, the more upscale condos offer function rooms residents can use or rent for parties and other events.

In looking for the ideal Yaletown real estate, the help of an experienced realtor can be invaluable. Reputable ones, such as those from Vancouver Canada Homes, for instance, make use of MLS listings that make it easier for their clients to go through the many available properties in the area, and identify the one that would match their needs and preferences. Their services is especially beneficial in meeting budgets, with properties available in a wide range of prices, and financing arrangements including rent-to-own.

With more and more people moving to the core of the city, those planning to make Vancouver their residence will do well to enlist the services of real estate professionals, who can help them find and secure the right property ahead of everyone else.

(Source: Canadian Real Estate Market Sees Homeowners Picking Downtown Over Suburbia, Huffington Post Canada, October 28, 2014)


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