Why the Vancouver Luxury Real Estate is a Subject of Interest to Foreign Investors

Vancouver BC Skyline from Stanley Park at NightThere has been an increase in interest for Vancouver luxury real estate by foreign investors. In fact, research shows that approximately forty percent of the total investors in this market are not local residents of the city of Vancouver but come from abroad. Most oversea clients in this vibrant property market are based in the South-East Asia, Europe, Australia, the U.S as well as South America. Moreover, according to a survey conducted recently, Arabs from Tunisia, Egypt as well as Bahrain have also invested heavily in this market.

Although Chinese investors flood to purchase Vancouver luxury properties, top homes in this city have been scooped away by Iranian and American citizens. The glorious location of luxurious homes has been one of the reasons this Canadian city has witnessed an influx of investors from foreign lands. The homes are built in lush neighborhoods with top notch security, social facilities as well as various amenities.

The Vancouver luxury real estate market is always booming with business throughout the year with high rise buildings always coming up in the best areas of the city. The economy of this city, Vancouver, has been stable for many years and this also explains the ever lasting interest in our market. In fact, according to a study into this market, several homes were sold out even during the times when the economy was experiencing a downturn. Nothing stopped the wealthy investors from the various foreign countries from purchasing homes of their choice.

The architects, designers, masons and interior designers in Canada’swest coast city of Vancouver are among the best in the world. They build world-class residential and commercial buildings that none or a few real estate markets in the global market can beat. The variety of types of properties for sale cannot go unmentioned. Investors and buyers have a wide array of properties for sale to select from; for instance, a home buyer has access to various residential homes ranging from condos to apartments. The Vancouver luxury real estate properties also come in different sizes to suit distinct clientele needs and established budget.

Vancouver, one of three major cites in Canada that have some of the most expensive properties across the world . This shows that investors are guaranteed high returns on their investments on property in the lavish Vancouver luxury real estate. The city is also booming with many real estate agents with a rich history and experience helping buyers and investors find and purchase the right property.

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