Why should you use a Realtor

A lot of people ask why they should use a realtor instead of selling a home or purchasing a home themselves. The answer is simple. A realtor is a trained real estate professional with experience and knowledge of the local real estate market. This experience and knowledge is of critical value when one is attempting to get the most for their home sale, or finding the best possible deal when purchasing a home. However, the realtors importance goes much deeper than that, there are several more areas that the Vancouver realtors abilities come into play that are often unconsidered or overlooked.

One of the most important things that a realtor can do for you, especially when the sale of your home is concerned, is provide marketing and market coverage. This is a difficult undertaking on your own for many reasons. First of all a realtor usually has a previously established web presence. The realtors website is a great place to find out info about homes that are available, information about the community and mortgage options. Your home will be prominently featured on this website, showcasing your home to a huge market. Other aspects of marketing that a realtor provides include such things as newspaper ads, open houses, flyers and info packages. Realtors have a higher budget to spend on marketing a home, and the experience of doing so. They also have an established network of contacts, usually buyer’s agents. This means that their network will bring more prospective buyers to your home.

When buying a home a realtor will essentially do the legwork for you. By informing them of what you are looking for in a home you can save yourself valuable time. A realtor will be able to sort through the homes that are available and select only the homes that suit your needs, lifestyle, and budget. They will also have important information regarding the area, neighborhood, and the homes in question. Realtors will also be able to arrange inspections and conduct them with the inspector so that you remain as informed on the process as possible.

Another important aspect of both sales and purchase where a realtor’s knowledge is invaluable is during the closing of a home. This is easily the most complicated part of a transaction as many FSBO sellers and buyers have found out. Real estate contracts are intricately involved documents that require an understanding of not only the contracts process, but real estate law as well. A typical closing will involve more than the realtor, lawyers and notaries play an important role in the transfer of a home from one owner to another. Realtors are trained in the art of contracting home sales and usually have an established group of lawyers and notaries that they utilize in order to make the entire process easier on the buyer or seller.

Would you let a car mechanic fix your piano? It does not make a lot of sense does it? For the same reason you should seek the services of a professional realtor when buying or selling a home. Their experience, knowledge and professionalism will save you time, money, and most importantly the nervousness of wondering if everything has been done properly and in accordance with law and practice.

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