What Buyers should Consider when Choosing Condos for Sale in Vancouver

Young professionals, fresh out of college and finding themselves carving a niche in the third largest metropolis in Canada, eventually start to look into buying condominium units as their primary home. However, the job of choosing excellent condos for sale in Vancouver can’t be dumped on real estate agents alone; buyers need to do their own work and be able to make informed decisions. Here are some essential tips to consider before making the final choice.


A condo is an anchor.

If you’re working within the Vancouver area alone, then buying a condo in the area could be the best choice because it cuts your travel time around the city where your home also is. However, having a condo home might not be feasible if your job requires that you move around a lot, because then your anchor becomes a limiting line that might end up weighing you down.

You should know your neighborhood.

Look into as many condos as you can, preferably with the help of professionals like Vancouver Canada Homes (and make it a point to actually visit your choices, too). This way, you can familiarise yourself with any of the 23 different neighborhoods in Vancouver, and get to know which one would best suit your lifestyle and needs.

Know what you need.

When you determine where you want to live, it’s time to figure out what you need in a condo. Here are some tips from Karine Doche of Notable.ca:

“Once you’ve established where you want to live, you need to figure out what it is that you have to have in your future home. How many bedrooms do you need? One bathroom or two? Do you want a balcony or a fireplace? Is having a parking spot non-negotiable? Is 1,000 square feet too small or not big enough?

Prepare a list of all your must-haves for your real estate broker. This will simplify the search and spare you from going through an endless inventory of unsatisfactory MLS listings.”

Get the place inspected.

You might want to hire a reliable building inspector to check out your prospective new home for damage or hazards. Sure, you’re not exactly buying a house, but it always pays to be sure of the structural integrity of the place you’re about to call your refuge from the world outside. You should also have the place checked for potentially hazardous chemicals and substances.

The key to purchasing condos for sale in Vancouver, BC is making the right choices based on good information that you yourself have sought and pursued. Do your homework before taking even a single step towards condo ownership. There is an inherent risk to buying real estate, so buyers beware, and tread carefully throughout the purchase process.

(Source: 10 Tips for Young Professionals to Consider Before Buying a Condo, Notable)


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