Want or Need? Amenities to Search for in Vancouver Condos for Sale

Condominiums are luxurious but affordable housing options that allow people to live in a vibrant city like Vancouver. With British Columbia’s healthy real estate market, where people can just as easily buy a single-detached bungalow, many condominiums use their amenities to entice homebuyers into purchasing condo units instead. These amenities, however, can range from necessary (like a function room) to the frivolous (pet spa, anyone?). That’s why an article from OttawaCitizenStyle.com reminds buyers to rethink the “more is better mentality when buying a condo:

Condo SceneAlthough there is a temptation to assume the more amenities the better, this may not be entirely true. There are ongoing costs associated with some amenities and these will initially be buried in your condo fees. For instance, what if the pool equipment or tennis court requires an extensive repair? This type of amenity may actually be a negative factor if you plan to live there for the next decade and never swim¦

Additionally, restaurants and other publicly available amenities can sometimes be considered negatives. If you have a Starbucks in your lobby, you may have to brave a lineup of weekday workers to get your grande iced chai latte. And you may have to endure more traffic on the streets around the building when pulling your car out of the parking garage.

While amenities are the signature perk of condo living, more amenities often mean higher association fees, as the article states. When buying Vancouver condos for sale, make sure to look for these must-have features first:


Like all homes, your condo unit will store most of your material possessions like gadgets, jewelries, and appliances. As such, your building should have well-lit premises, CCTV’s with multiple cameras, doors that need security cards or passwords, and alarm systems to protect both the tenants and their belongings from burglars.


While most condominiums will give one complimentary parking spot per occupant, don’t discount visitor parking if you enjoy entertaining friends or have relatives that drop by every now and then. Does the building have sufficient parking space to accommodate them or will they be forced to park a few blocks away?


It’s nice to have a gym or tennis court in your condo building, but what if you already have a gym membership somewhere else or enjoy a different sport? Facility maintenance is shouldered by all tenants, regardless of whether they actually use them or not. Talk to experienced realtors like Vancouver Canada Homes to help you find condos for sale in Vancouver that have only the facilities you truly need.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Condo Scene: The ABCs of amenities Spelling out what you need, OttawaCitizenStyle.com, September 05, 2013)


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