Vancouver and Yaletown Condos for Sale Feature Dog-friendly Facilities

Would-be condo owners who are also dog lovers, take note: Some developers in the Metro Vancouver area are starting to design their condominiums to be more dog-friendly.

A Vancouver Sun article notes that even as a growing number of residents look into the possibility of living in an apartment or condominium, quite a number of prospective buyers still find it difficult to choose a condo because many properties have certain restrictions as regards pet ownership:

Vancouver Developers

“A study from the SPCA on how many buildings allowed pets showed only five per cent allow dogs and nine per cent allow cats in Vancouver’s rental market.”

That being said, dog owners have the potential to be a substantial target market for such developments. Indeed, it would be a wasted opportunity if developers do not tap into this demographic.

Consequently, condo developers in downtown Vancouver have begun to design condominiums with this segment in mind by installing dog-friendly features such as spas and fenced runs. Anne McMullin, president of the Urban Development Institute, also adds:

“We are seeing more and more pet-friendly amenities in new developments […] These amenities include dog washing stations, fenced dog runs, and roof top areas. We also find more of our rental properties are allowing pets that weren’t welcome previously, which usually means dogs. It is a trend as dogs and other pets become more important members of our families.”

Vancouver neighborhoods such as Yaletown are also following suit. Some condos now have pet-friendly living establishments for prospective property owners who have pets. Finding and negotiating for these gems, however, can prove a bit challenging. Yaletown condos for sale located near famous parks like Cooper’s Park and Helmcken Park, for instance, are prime locations for dog owners, but landing an apartment here might be harder compared to landing a condo in the peripheries.

Fortunately, an established Yaletown real estate company such as Vancouver Canada Homes can make the search for viable condominiums and high-rise establishments less taxing. Seasoned agents with extensive knowledge of the local real estate market can mine the latest listings of available condos at desirable locations that match each client’s specifications.

(Source: Vancouver developers go to the dogs, Vancouver Sun, September 13, 2014)


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