Vancouver New Presale Condo, The Flats at 219 East Georgia


Situated between Main Street and Gore Avenue, the 219 East Georgia flats building is located within the neighborhood of Chinatown (popular for its rich heritage). The building is directly opposite East Georgia Street and the Alley lies next to it on the western side.

Price Points

Units with one bedroom costs $266,900, one bedroom deluxe go for $273,900 (530 square feet in size), one bedroom premiums with a size range of 628 to 665 square feet at $356,900 and the cost of penthouses with a size range of 1370 to 1417 is only available upon request. Maintenance of the building per square feet will cost about $0.4.

NO. OF BEDROOM SIZE (in square feet) PRICE
1 500 $266,900
DELUXE 1 530 $273,900
PREMIUM 1 628-665 $356,900

Condo Types and Sizes

EastGeorgia1Made of concrete, this residential condo is set to feature 28 housing units and 9 floors. Out of the total 28 homes to be constructed, those with single bedrooms will be 26. Junior condos with single bedrooms will measure at least 500 square feet while larger homes will be more than 600 square feet. The penthouses will measure as much as 1400 square feet. Ample storage and parking spaces are available with every purchase of a penthouse.


Natural light, wall-length windows made of glass, high ceilings, minimalist interior designs and appliances add a modern touch to the building, both inside and on the outside. Wood finishes add style, authenticity and a traditional touch to the homes to be featured in the residential building project. Whether one loves biking, walking, running or even driving, they can move around the neighborhood and reach their destination of choice in no time.


EastGeorgia2Panther, a new construction company, is the face behind this building to be located along East Georgia. Due to the fact that this building for residential use is the first to be developed by this construction company, they are looking to impress buyers as well as investors and thus earn their trust in the long run. Despite this fact, this company already enjoys some good reputation and a certain degree of trust after the completion of the new YVR International Airport.


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