The Village on False Creek | Millennium Water at Olympic Village


Known as the Millennium Water (an initial name), the Village on False Creek or the Olympic Village, this resale green development was finished in 2010. It is located at the heart of False Creek and it hosted the Winter Olympics that took place in 2010. The housing units (condos) currently available for sale within this village are the Kayak condos located along the 12 Athlete’s Way that make up a total of five buildings, the 77 Walter Hardwick Avenue and the Street of 1633 Ontario as well as the Bridge condos that are located at 170, 150 and 180 Athlete’s Way and the Street of 1616 Columbia.

Price Points

Although the development of this village was completed in 2010, many homes in hundreds are still available for sale. The cost of these condos ranges from $349,500 to $4.1009 million.

NO. OF BEDROOM SIZE (in square feet) PRICE


STUDIO 368 $349,500-$354,900
STUDIO PLUS 404 $369,900-$389,900
1 550 $350,900-$570,900
1 PLUS 630 $459,900-$610,900
2 750 $729,900-$749,900
2 PLUS 823 $510,900-$1.6699 Million
3 PLUS 989 $1.0999-$1.9199 Million
PENTHOUSES 1100 $1.2499-$1.7699 Million
LUXURY COLLECTION 2623-4,341 $2.7999-$4.1009 Million


STUDIO 368 $339,900-379,900
1 450 $329,900-$499,900
1 PLUS 534 $329,900-$600k
2 680 $500k-$549,900
2 PLUS 759 $469,900-$1.7999 million
3 PLUS 890 $1.2759-$1.9009 million
PENTHOUSES 1100 $639,900-$739,900
LUXURY COLLECTION 1776-2800 $2.150-3.5999 million

Condo Types and Sizes

MillenniumWaterVillage1The types of Bridge condos comprise of homes with single and double bedrooms, studios, studio plus;single, double and triple bedroom plus, luxury collections as well as penthouses. The Kayak types of condos entail studios; single, double and triple bedroom and bedroom plus, penthouses and a collection of luxury units. Their sizes range from 368 to 4,341 square feet. The whole village measures 60,000 square feet with a total of 1100 homes with units for rental comprising 110 and affordable ones being 252.


With low utilization of energy through roofs painted green and solar heating systems, the Millenium Water is an environment friendly residential community. It was renovated to help preserve the area’s heritage as an industrial hub. Innovative designs, planning and development of an integrated community are the forces behind the redevelopment of this False Creek Village. The village is designed to ensure that all social facilities, amenities and other areas of interest are accessible.


MillenniumWaterVillage2The Millennium Development Corporation and the Vancouver city are the developers of the Olympic Village. The Lyon Architects, Merrick Architecture, IBI Group, Nick Milkovich Architects, Arthur Erikson and Walter Francl Architecture are the major designers of the architecture of this residential village. The Integral Group


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