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This soon to be completed new development in Vancouver sits right at its heart, near Commercial Drive. Though it has developed into a local hotspot, Commercial Drive hasn’t received much attention from real estate developers. The aim with the Oxley is rip the veil off this chic area and allow for some beautiful, yet affordable residential housing. It will be complete with rooftop terraces and a sleek white-brick façade on the outside which fits perfectly with the contemporary feel of this district. The only downside is that a total of 10 units are planned so there may be a mad rush to get into this one. With the somewhat limited options for residency so close to Commercial, it likely won’t sit open long.

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The Oxley is only about 5 blocks from the good stuff, the grocery store, the restaurants on Commercial and several parks. Grandview, Salisbury and Woodland parks are all a very short walk if you want to get out and enjoy the scenery. They are well kept and are a nice place to walk after a quick bite at one of the many eating establishments. Though walking is great, you can take your car out to have fun as well. The Oxley will have a parking garage at ground level, nothing below grade so as to make maintenance easier. Every unit comes with a guaranteed space in the garage and the option to buy a second if you prefer.



Townhomes of Two Kinds

The units themselves are quite smooth and beautiful in a minimalist sort of way. The building aims to be “a beacon of contemporary living on the drive” and its style reflects this image perfectly. All the 2 or 3 bedroom units feature indoor and outdoor square footage so you never feel stuck inside. The two bedroom options will also come complete with a gas hookup for a fire pit or BBQ. That being said, the crisp wood floors and reverent white tile adoring the bathroom has a great look and feel for when you stay inside. Register Now!


Epix Development Creates a Masterpiece

The Oxley is not the first townhome development to grace the neighborhood, though demand is strong for expansion. As families have filtered through in recent years, there’s been a strong uptick in demand. Developer will have to satiate this demand over time but also be careful to keep the fabulous view resident of places like the Oxley will enjoy. With limits on how high these buildings can go, residents can feel comfortable their views of the surround won’t be completely compromised by new construction. This is a neighborhood of contemporary beauty and new condos are just the thing to help share it. So make sure you get in here!


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