The Jervis Vancouver: On the West End of Paradise

Vancouver pre sale condos can run the gamut on quality, but every once in a while you find a gem. Though the word “gem” reminds people of something small and pretty, The Jervis defies the typical interpretation. It’s a rather large gem; or will be once it’s completed. This building is set to be a beacon for modern design on the west end of Vancouver and will have a whopping 90 units available upon completion. This might make you think that it will be easy to make your way in here. This place is due to open in early 2018 and already it’s creating a buzz.

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Vancouver’s West End

The west end is a vibrant district, rich in history and equally rich in housing demand. It has inspired admiration in those who live elsewhere and pride in those who already reside there. The Jervis is a short distance from downtown which features an eclectic shopping district and an array of savory eating venues. If you want to splurge and make your night a memorable one, you can see a variety of performances in the area as well, such as theatre, sporting events or concerts. The Jervis’s proximity allows access to all these amenities, including daytime fun like aquatic sports, and even a farmer’s market.


Condos on the corner

The plans for these new condos are uniform: all 2 bedroom 2 bath floor plans. All units will also be located on the corner which sets up an interesting floor plan and keeps the floors characteristically small. It will be easy to get to know your neighbors if you want to. Most of the options will be between the 970-1300 square foot ranges, but the penthouse suites (yes they exist here) will be a spacious 2450 square feet. With a view that can only be described as uniquely beautiful, these units will be the real keepers. You’ll need some craftiness, zeal and strong planning skills to land one of these.

Intracorp’s Vision for the Jervis

Intracorp has built quite a reputation through its stylistic and trendy development design over the past 30 years. With a plethora of experience right at home in Vancouver, it’s no secret why their latest creation is already creating buzz more than 2 years before it opens its doors. From their smart inclusion of poignant amenities like parking, air conditioning, and high ceilings, to their genius partnership with Inform Interiors, it’s easy to assume the best. At 19 stories high, the Jervis will be a veritable juggernaut of real estate in the west end, and anyone lucky enough to land a spot within will likely share the sentiment. I truly is shaping up to be a stellar new development in Vancouver. Register Now!


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