The Grayson West Side, Vancouver


The Grayson
West Side, Vancouver


The Grayson is a new condo and townhouse project in the Cambie neighborhood of West Side, Vancouver. Currently accepting registration for new sales, this project is located at the corner of Cambie and 26th Avenue in the heart of the West Side. The West Side is a shopper’s paradise and attracts visitors from all over Vancouver. There is an abundance of parks and beaches for relaxing in the natural beauty of the area.

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The Grayson development will have 6 stories and 58 tastefully designed units. There is no pricing available at this time. The luxury homes will include 1, 2 and 3 bedroom homes some of which will feature outdoor space with nice views.


The Grayson is a new condo and townhouse development in pre-construction. While details are not available, the project will be built as finely crafted concrete homes.

Meet The Team

Pennyfarthing Homes has been building quality homes for over 35 years. They create homes and communities far above the average standard, which higher quality materials and design. Pennyfarthing Homes starts the process by identifying the buyer before finding the site. This way, they work to create the home for the client and use their experience to build spaces which are environmentally progressive.

Raymond Letkeman Architects has over 30 years of experience in master planning and design for mixed-use communities. They have won multiple awards and have worked throughout North America, New Zealand and Hawaii.

Christina Oberti and her team of interior designers work with the latest of modern styles and tastes. She marries traditional materials in a contemporary fashion to affect a sense of timelessness in the homes. Hard and soft materials give dimension and interest to surfaces and oversized windows let the natural light into the units.


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