The Best of Wreck Beach at UBC

The-Best-of-Wreck-BeachWreck Beach is situated on the Regional Pacific Spirit Park on the edge of the UBC campus, and wearing clothes is a choice one has to make on an individual basis. This means that adults are allowed to walk naked along this sandy beach. It is located to the west of Vancouver city and makes up the lands of the Endowment University near some of UBC’s most expensive real estate. This popular beach borders the University of British Columbia and can be accessed through water, roads or even buses for public transport.

Parking lots and toilets are easily accessible within the beach. There are various stretches and signs that indicate that this beach allows for public nudity. The GVRD (the Greater Vancouver Regional District) is in charge of the Creek of Booming Grounds Park. Point Grey, Tower and Acadia beaches are close to the Wreck beach; it stretches along 7km and lies between the park and the Acadia beach. The shoreline of this popular beach is not just sandy but also rocky; there is a section of the beach secluded for dogs that are not on leash.

The contiguous nature of the beach’s shoreline makes walking fun and easier when the tides are low. Parking at a fee is available at the Anthropology Museum near the 3rd and 4th Trails. Certain birds, wild animals, lush vegetation and historical buildings like the World War 2 instrument towers are featured in and around the beaches. The 6th Trail is the most developed and highly utilized of all of them; it is approximately 3km from the city of Vancouver.

There are several activities to engage in when one visits this sandy beach. One of the reasons the beach is very popular is the fact that it caters for every individual; there is something for everyone to participate in. Sun bathing, beach volleyball, beach music, beach casino as well as body art among others, are some of the activities that take place around the beach.

Even if one just decides to walk around the Wreck beach doing nothing in particular, they will surely love the environment. Fast food is also accessible from the beach, hence one do not have to worry about hunger; all they have to do is carry drinking water as the beach does not have running taps.

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