The Beautiful Nature of Spanish Banks Beach

The Spanish Banks beach is located on the Northwest shoreline of Vancouver’s westside, between Point Grey and UBC’s endowment lands. It comprises of three distinct sections namely; west, east and the extension area. The water is usually one kilometre off shore at low tide. The beach features a variety of recreational activities in all the three different sections.

The Western section, on the Seawall system along the sea offers a variety of features such as a designated quiet beach where amplified sound is not permitted. This is an ideal spot for those who like enjoying the nature in a serene and quiet environment. It is also furnished with public washrooms; this improves the hygiene of the beach, making it a comfortable place for both locals and visitors to chill out while having fun.

For those who enjoy hanging out with their families or loved ones, picnic tables are available in this section of the beach. It is a perfect spot to enjoy a nice meal or drink at the beach side. There are free parking areas or paid parking lots; the lots are safe and allow those who get to the beach on personal vehicles find a safe zone to keep them. For the lovers of sports, there are ten volleyball courts that enable several people to enjoy the sport at the same time while feeling the cool breeze from the sea. Swimming and sunbathing are also great activities to indulge in during a visit to this beach.

In order to ensure that swimming and those using the beach are safe, the many lifeboats help avoid death cases that could result from drowning. The other two sections of the beach also consist of similar features described above. Pets like dogs are allowed within the beach and have a dog park designated to them; they can walk freely within the park without leash as the owners have fun along the beach. However, dogs are only allowed in the park from 6 in the morning till 10 in the night.

In addition to swimming (accessible to pets and their owners), boat riding and hanging out with friends or family are also prominent along the Spanish Banks beach.

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