Taking Advantage of Very Hot Offers on Condos for Sale in Vancouver

Striking while the iron is hot may prove beneficial when it comes to buying Vancouver condos for sale. Brent Jang of the Globe and Mail reports:

“A rally in housing sales and prices in Greater Vancouver has extended into 2014, keeping young buyers focused on modest-sized accommodation.

In January, 1,760 residential properties changed hands, up 30.3 per cent from 1,351 in the same month in 2013, the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver said on Tuesday.

It is the ninth consecutive month that the area has had a year-over-year gain in monthly sales, after a 19-month slump in volume before sales began increasing last May.”

The price climb appears to be too much for Vancouver, BC natives to handle. A survey conducted last year revealed that many young locals were worried that the gradually rising prices will be out of their league; there was also enough empty condos to fill up 35 20-storey towers. However, for those that can afford, the veritable number of units available is a treasure trove.

greater vancouvers real estate rally extends into 2014

When in the hunt for quality condos for sale in Vancouver, it is important to determine the neighborhoods with the most viable living and work conditions for you. Consider seeking them out through a realtor like Jean Seguin. A consultation with such a professional will identify the potential locations.

Some real estate experts claim that the Vancouver’s exemplary standard of living make it one of the country’s priciest housing markets. A realtor interviewed for Jang’s article states that there are parents who even sold their own detached homes to help their children buy a flat. However, there are ways to work around the problem when you got an agent like Mr. Seguin working with you.

(Source: Greater Vancouver’s real estate rally extends into 2014, Globe and Mail, 4 February 2014)


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