Some Advice your Vancouver Luxury Real Estate Expert Would Agree with

This 2014, do you dream of trading the four corners of your humble Vancouver apartment or bungalow for a fancy luxury home? You might have the money and the means for this endeavor, but do you have the knowledge to ensure you get the home you want? If not, you may want to read on for some advice from an April 16, 2013 article on Luxe Lounge:

“Work with a luxury real estate expert

Most luxury homes are rearly [sic] advertised online to preserve privacy to potential clients. In light of this, you need to work closely with a local expert in the field. Agents who specialize in luxury homes belong to an inner circle that can provide you with unlimited resources, contacts and guides on the best property. Apart from connecting you to great offers, these experts will put into perspective the market value of the property you are looking to acquire.

Be sure to ask for certifications and a list of past clients. You can then speak to these clients and find out if your prospective agent is indeed as good as advertised. With any luck, your chosen Vancouver luxury real estate expert from the likes of Vancouver Canada Homes won’t just find you the house you want; he just might be able to get you a discount too. What thrifty homebuyer doesn’t want to save on a little money?

vital tips for buying a luxury home

When narrowing down your choices in homes, the article also recommends hiring a home inspector to examine every last nook and cranny to vouch for the property’s overall quality. You should be getting everything you’re paying for in the best condition possible, with no nasty (and previously unmentioned) surprises that were left out of any discussions. 10 hours of inspection should suffice.

The article’s last tip is to be aware of the sales terms and conditions. Read and understand them, and if you need to, hire a Vancouver luxury real estate lawyer to clarify whatever isn’t clear. It is important that they line up with your needs and wants, and if you find out that they do not, then simply keep on looking till you find the home that’s best for you.

(Article and Image Excerpt from Vital Tips for Buying a Luxury Home, LuxeLounge, April 16, 2013)


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