Richards and Pacific Pre-sale Condo in Yaletown The Charleson Pricing & Floor Plan Development by Onni


The Charleson is a new residential development project of new pre-sale condos set to be built in the neighbourhood of Yaletown, Vancouver. Its exact location will be at the intersection of the Pacific and Richards Streets; precisely at 1396 Richards Street where there exists a store room.

Price Points

Although the completion dates of this development project is still not known, pre-sale of the condos is expected to initiate next year, 2014, in Spring. It is important to note that the floor plans of this development as well as prices of the condo units to be featured are not yet available on the developer’s website. The moment they are available, they will be posted.

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Condo Types & Prices


Expected to feature floors ranging from 45 to 50, this residential development will be built using concrete. Its aim will be to ensure that baby boomers are downsized. The housing units in the development are expected to be large and spacious in size. In fact, the size of the smallest condo unit is estimated to be nothing less than one thousand square feet. The developer has provided a number on their website for interested parties to contact them in case they need to make special requests for prices and price plans, before it’s accessed by the public.


The Charleson development is set to feature a beautiful architecture that is narrow downwards toward the base and wider at the top as the building tower rises up the sky. The development is expected to be similar to other projects previously done by this developer such as those along the Pacific Street at 501 and Seymour at 1372.

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Onni is the developer or builder of this development project that is set to take the neighbourhood of Yaletown by storm. They have experience developing similar pre-sale condos hence steering them ahead of their competitors to come up with residential homes that sale fast once in the real estate market up for sale.

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