Reasons to Join the Rush of Putting up Condos for Sale in Vancouver

A March article in The Globe and Mail reports thus:

“The million-dollar club isn’t so exclusive in Greater Vancouver, where the average price for single-family detached houses sold has soared to a record high of more than $1.36-million.

Prices surged as total residential sales climbed to 2,530 last month for detached homes, condos and townhouses, up 40.8 per cent from volume of 1,797 properties changing hands in February, 2013, according to data released Tuesday by the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver.”

Reason to Sell

For many people who have been waiting out in the sidelines, hoping for a shot at selling their condo investment at a stunning profit, now might be the best time for it. With prices rising, you can expect a flood of condos for sale in Vancouver to start soon, so why not jump into the pool today? If you do want to sell your condo quickly though, you should look into some of these tips:

vancouver real estate prices break records

A Wise Price

Don’t just raise the price of your condo willy-nilly, though. Do some research about the typical price range of condos similar to yours and settle on a price that’s competitive without being excessive. If you aren’t exactly sure how to do this, many realtors like those from Vancouver Canada Homes should be willing to help.

Show and Tell

If you want to list your condo, you should make sure that it catches the attention of any prospective buyer, which is where promotion comes in. Take as many pictures of your property as you can, highlighting the stylish and luxurious aspects, of course. You should also prepare a detailed description about the property, emphasizing the positive, without exaggerating.

Set the Stage

Home staging isn’t just for houses you can host an open house for your condo, as well. When staging, make sure that you get rid of as many personal pieces that your prospective buyers couldn’t identify with, as it might mess with their decision (yes, most of the time that includes you, too).

Full Disclosure

You can avoid everything from a simple grudge to a full-blown lawsuit by being honest about any possible problem with your condo. However, full disclosure can undermine your marketing efforts, so make sure to time it right; maybe you can do it during a one-on-one talk with a buyer.

Don’t wait out your plans to sell your home, as excellent condos for sale in Vancouver aren’t decreasing anytime soon, with a price boom such as this. When you do sell though, be sure to be smart about it by hiring a reliable marketing savvy agent or realtor.

(Source: Vancouver real estate prices break records, The Globe and Mail)


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